Get crypto price in Excel and Google Sheets with Finsheet

In this short blog, we will walk you through how to get stock price in Excel and stock price Google Sheets and do technical analysis right in your spreadsheet with Finsheet. Many users use Excel and Google Sheets to keep track of their finance and net worth so it may be handle to know how to do technical analysis within spreadsheets as well. In case you are interest, you can also obtain short squeeze data of US companies via RapidAPI. This is something not available in Finsheet.

crypto price in Excel and Google Sheets

Historical crypto price

Finsheet provides a unified way to obtain historical crypto price in Excel and Google Sheets. They have integrated with 15+ leading crypto brokers and streamlined the APIs so that users can request data from any of those brokers using the same functions and syntax. Some of the integrated brokers are Coinbase, Binance, Gemini, Kraken, etc... All prices go back all the way to when the coins first got listed on the broker website and are intra-day data down to 1-minute resolution. This type of data is ideal for both day traders and long-term investors who look for patterns in longer timeframes. The function to request the historical candle price data is FS_CryptoCandles. In case you are interested, besides historical price, you can also get price for any crypto tickers using functions FS_Streaming and FS_Latest

Technical analysis

Finsheet also supports pattern recognition and technical indicators right inside the spreadsheet. Think about having the power of right in your spreadsheets? Pretty cool right. Check out their docs to learn more about how to use these functions. Keep in mind these functions also work with stocks and forex if you would like to do technical analysis for those asset classes.

Follow the link to their Excel stock price and stock price Google Sheets to install their add-on. We highly recommend them if you are a spreadsheet user who would like to use it to manage your investments/trading, especially cryptos. Finsheet is also an official partner of Finnhub

WIth their outstanding and reliable features, it is not surprise that Finsheet is the top 1 in the recommended list of Columbia University students for getting stock price in Excel. In case you are also interested in a flexible stock research platform, check out this list for the top 5 best stock research websites and top 6 best investing websites. The best option in that list is, a highly recommended platform for WACC calculation that can also give you accurate intrinsic value using DCF.

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