New Stock API powered by Finnhub

New API Available

We are excited to introduce our new API for our users at in partnership with Finnhub. With the new API, users will be able to access multiple data feeds for market data and fundamental data. This is 1 of the most comprehensive API available for retail traders. Here is a few examples

stock api

  • Stock API
  • Forex API
  • Crypto APO
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Notification (REST API and webhook)
  • Analyst's price target and recommendation
  • News

You can find the full documentation here . You can find your API key under Account -> Developers.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach us at [email protected] Finnhub is ranked 1st on Towards Data Science stock API guide and best stock API guide.

Finnhub is also recommended by Columbia University Stock API guide.

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