Metatrader 4 Harmonic Pattern Scanner - Expert Advisor Instruction

Our MT4 Expert Advisor can be used to automatically find all chart patterns, harmonic patterns and support/resistance levels in your MT4 terminal. In addition, the EA can scan all markets across different timeframes to create a full list of trade opportunities.

MT4 pattern scanner

1) Getting Started - Setting up

  • You need a valid license to use the MT4 EA. You can go to Add-ons -> MT4 tab to check if it's included in your plan.
  • After successfully subscribing, you should see the link to download the MT4 EA.
  • You can also find the video instruction under MT4 page. Follow it step by step to setup the EA on your computer. Remember to Allow Dll Import for the EA. Then, Enter the license to get started.

2) Chart feature

  • 1 EA can only be used on 1 chart at a time.
  • After entering your license or start the EA after the 1st time, all patterns on the current chart will be loaded into the Chart view.
  • Click on any row in Chart view to go into Solo mode , which will show that pattern alone with entry, profit and stoploss levels.
  • Click Back button to get out of Solo mode.
  • Use Filter box under the list to filter what you see on your chart.
  • You can change symbol and timeframe on the MT4 chart to see patterns for different pairs.

3) Monitor feature

  • Monitor is used to scan for all patterns on all symbols.
  • We use the list of symbols in your Market Watch to scan for patterns. You can learn how to customized your Market Watchlist symbol list here
  • You can choose which timeframes to scan by check/uncheck the boxes at the bottom
  • Press Scan to start scanning. While the program is scanning, do not touch the EA or the MT4 chart.

4) Exit

  • Click Exit button to quit the EA. It will automatically detach from the MT4 chart.

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