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  • Chart

  • What does Chart do?

    In Chart tab, you can view all real-time patterns for a security of your choice. The patterns are calculated in real-time when you load the chart. Switch to a new security or timeframe to recalculate patterns with the new data. You can read the instruction on how to use the Chart here

  • What symbols and patterns are supported?

    Refer to Symbol list for a full list of supported patterns and symbols.

  • How do I filter patterns?

    Use Filter dropdown to hide/show patterns that you want to hide/show. Hide Premature option hides all incomplete patterns which are far away from completion. You can also hide different pattern types or support and resistance levels.

  • How do I see entry, stoploss and profit targets?

    Click on the Solo button next to the pattern that you want to see these levels.

  • How do I hide a specific pattern?

    Use the green toggle next to that pattern to hide/show it.

  • What is Technical Signal and Trend?

    Technical Signal is the aggregate result of multiple technical indicators such as Moving Average, RSI , MACD. It tells you the current state of the market. Plz note that this signal does not imply a buy/sell recommendation as indicators are mostly lagging.

    Trend field shows whether the market is trending or sideway. Strong trend is ideal for patterns like Triple/Double top/bottom, Head & Shoulders, and Triangle. Harmonic patterns are better for weakly trending market.

  • Monitor

  • What does Monitor do?

    In Monitor tab, you can see a list of all patterns across all securities. There are many filters to help you shorten the list including pattern status, asset class, pattern, pattern type, timeframe and individual securities. You can read the instruction on how to use Monitor here

  • Can you explain different type of pattern status?

    Mature: Patterns that just recently completed 1-4 candles ago and nearly completed patterns. Recommended Option.

    Incomplete: All incomplete patterns.

    Complete: All complete patterns.

    All: All patterns

  • Can I save my filter criteria?

    Yes. Click on View dropdown -> Add a new View. Apply that view the next time you visit the site. View name can't be longer than 20 characters. Use same View name to overide the old one.

  • Notification

  • How do I setup notifications?

    You can read our tutorial here

  • Which devices are supported?

    All major browsers including Safari are supported. Android and IOS are also supported. Please read our tutorial here to learn how to setup notifications on Telegram, Slack and Web-push.

  • Which symbols are supported?

    Symbols across all asset classes are supported including all forex, indice, futures, metal, 110 crypto pairs, 600 US symbols and symbols in Nifty 50. Check which timeframes are supported here

  • Can I see a list of my notifications?

    Yes. Click on the Nofication tab to see the list of your notification with the completion time in the past 7 days.

  • How can I add symbols to notification watchlist?

    Use "eye" icon on the top bar of Chart tab to add current chart's security to watchlist. Or you can use Watchlist dropdown under Notification tab to add symbols or choose the timeframes you would like to receive notifications for.

  • MT4

  • How do I subscribe to MT4?

    You need to subscribe to either Gold or Diamond plan first. After that, go to MT4 tab in the application and choose Subscribe. Please note that we don't sell MT4 EA separately.

  • How do I setup MT4 EA?

    Refer to MT4 tab in the application

  • Can I use the EA on 2 different computers?

    No. 1 license can only be used in 1 MT4 terminal at a time. You need to Reset Terminal Id if you wish to switch to a new terminal client.

  • Which patterns are supported in MT4 EA?

    All patterns supported in the web version are supported in MT4 EA.

  • How do I setup notifications with MT4 EA?

    All incomplete patterns are automatically registered into watchlist when you open the EA on a chart. When a pattern completes, you will receive an Alert pop up and a push notification to MT4 mobile app. You need to setup mobile notification MT4 manually. Instructions to setup MT4 notifications can be found here.


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